About HHE

We are a division of Naama Hair and Wigs L.L.C that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of Wigs, Closures, 360 Hair bands, and pony tails manufactured from predominantly European Virgin Remy Hair and Virgin Remy hair from all over the world.

We are now selling premium grade  Virgin Remy  Hair Extensions, Bulk Hair and wefted hair for the marketplace. Our hair is Virgin Remy Hair  and is sold in both bulk and wefted forms. We carry both  Single drawn and  Double Drawn Hair from countries all around the world.  India, China, Mongolia, Southern Russian, Brazilian and  and Russian Hair. 

We sort and cull for only the finest hair to be sold as extensions

Our extensions, with proper care, will far outlast those of the competition and look as lustrous and beautiful over time as they did when you first bought them



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