Remy Processed Hair

rEMY Processed Hair 

Remy Processed Hair is still harvested from one donor, is cuticle intact just like Virgin Remy, but, this hair is processed for a variety of reasons.Typically for  color, curl,waves, etc..   

The key to the quality and longevity of Remy Processed Hair is simply, how  it is processed and with what types of chemicals. 

That being said there are many different ways to process hair. Acid baths can be used to create a certain look, color, texture, to add waves and perms, OR…..100% organic non-invasive processes can be used.

The difference is that the more caustic or harsh the process the more damage it does to the cuticle of the hair. The harsher the process the more destruction to the cuticle and the hair itself. The more caustic the processing the less your hair will last over time. It is that simple. The more caustic the process the sooner the hair will shed, break, tangle and lose its luster and beauty. 

Chemically processed hair, will, In a short time and after just a few washings it will look damaged old and you will be left wondering what happened!!!

Our proprietary  coloring process is 100% organic. We use no ammonia or harsh chemicals, no keratin and  no silicone coatings which leave the hair shiny silky and smooth at first but quickly , after a few washes is gone.  

Our  processes for  our  Remy Processed Hair,  leaves the Cuticle Intact, and does not damage the hair at all.

Our Proprietary Organic Coloring System will insure  that you get the most natural look along with the longest lasting product available today.