Virgin Hair vs Remy Hair

Virgin Hair vs Remy Hair

All Virgin Hair is Remy Hair but not all Remy Hair is Virgin!
Let me start off by saying that with all of the definitions, everyone does things slightly differently. This is why we want you to truly understand what you are getting when you buy any Hair Extensions from us or Anyone else! Due to these differences some subtle and hard to understand and some not, is the reason our staff is trained to understand, grade and procure only the finest hair available in the marketplace worldwide!

The true definition of “Remy” hair simply refers to how the hair is, cut, handled and stored. Remy hair is maintained “root-to-tip.” Remy hair still has cuticles attached and all going in the same direction, just like normal healthy hair. The hair cuticle is the outermost part of the hair shaft that serves as a protective layer to the hair. Without the cuticles hair will look dry, become damaged easily, break off and shed excessively.

Virgin Remy Hair which is sometimes called “Cuticle Hair” and is hair that is completely unprocessed, and intact. To qualify as virgin hair, it must meet rigorous standards including that it has never been permed, dyed, colored, bleached, or chemically processed in any way. By definition this also means it comes from a single donor, and all the cuticles remain intact, running in the same direction. Normally it also means that it is has not been blow-dried, nor exposed to harsh agents such as cigarette smoke and drugs. Virgin Remy hair last longer and is much less likely to tangle than non-virgin Remy hair.

Therefore, the best quality hair is Virgin Remy. It is very soft and 100% natural.

The natural hair color for Asian, Brazilian, Mongolian and Malaysian virgin Remy hair ranges from very dark (1b)  medium brown in color. European hair is typically medium brown to blonde. The texture of virgin hair is generally straight, wavy or curly in texture. This hair is the highest grade and is guaranteed, with proper care, to give you years of looking beautiful, lustrous and alive.

Does that mean that all Virgin Remy Hair is the same? Absolutely not! It would be ridiculous to believe that.  Just because Russian (Slavic) Virgin Remy Hair is considered  the best in the world, not every Russian has great hair ( Vladimir Putin?). In our own experience as well as yours, we see many women in our everyday lives, we know that the hair quality from a 14-18-year-old will be far superior to that of a 50+ year old woman no matter what…….! Our staff knows this, understands this and is trained to cull only the best of the best!

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